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Lee nirvana really not expected,there is a traitor to his army kids moncler jackets cheap!A black man surreptitiously sneak into town to Cancun,with an enemy like a coach who reported nirvana Lee's plan,asking him to beware,be prepared. "Yes!You go,do not let people see these coins will be awarded to you!Take it kids moncler jackets cheap!"Then the enemy coach to this black man threw a bag of silver. "Xie adults!"Black humanity,and quietly out of the city of Cancun. In the evening,the city of Cancun defense suddenly become very strong,soldier to soldier; especially Cancun on the walls,lined with archers!However,Lee nirvana without any movement of troops,not at all do not see the attack plans.Lee nirvana and lieutenant in the tea and chat. "Dear husband adults!Did not you say the attack tonight Cancun city?"Michelle came in front of tea being asked Lee nirvana kids moncler jackets cheap. "I changed my mind!That is not the time to attack!While now available,over a few drinks it!"Lee raised his glass toward nirvana just to general road. "No,I have things to follow the above!"Cher general demeanor Having inherited her father back out. I saw Lee's face flashed a grin nirvana.Shortly after they finished talking,then I do not know why the city of Cancun Corps gradually dispersed,no longer so strictly with; but surely someone what intelligence was so relieved to disperse,just let some soldiers left behind it. After they scattered back soon,just outside Cancun actually heard the cries of the attack hit soy sound!At this time the city of Cancun,start panic,immediately gathered manpower; but only to hear the sound and see soy troops,only to find again in the Lee nirvana trick kids moncler jackets cheap! "Tianyuan imperial army,is a coward kids moncler jackets cheap!Humph!Actually play with me so underhand,good!Old lady told you to play!" Enemy's coach after the finish,sent a team to go outside inquire about enemy movement; captain led dozens of people quietly with Soy sound place to explore,not to explore Fortunately,after exploration,really come to a unbelievable sight! In the woods outside the city of Cancun kids moncler jackets cheap,hanging on a tree more than a dozen four-legged little beast,like a small sheep-like beast,the hind legs were tied hanging on the tree,so that the front legs move constantly kicking forward,kicking tie hanging in the trees war soy!Uttered a sound "pound kids moncler jackets cheap."Soy sound! "Haha,originally just knocking Soy lamb!Come,these lambs were killed!Actually attracted to military suspense!"The captain told a few little soldier,the hanging tree little magic to kill sheep. So fast,after a little magic sheep were killed,war Soy sound has stopped!Lee nirvana in the main,Lee smiled nirvana,he put out the soul,knowing the enemy to kill a few small magic sheep!And he commanded them around Cher started two programs. Cher execute two plans,with a few generals to go more than three hundred meters outside the main quietly discuss something kids moncler jackets cheap. "Wait and secretly to tell the enemy that we wait to attack the city of Cancun,lie some of the gold is good!"One lieutenant laughed. "Fushuai,let me go!I let some general human library,the last time I let him seek Marshal adults kids moncler jackets cheap,I am very grateful to him,presumably into Cancun city,should be no problem!"A general road . "Ah!Well,wait a minute you go!That our armies in the middle of the night to attack them!"Purple Ling Wan captain generals on the shoulder and said kids moncler jackets cheap. The enemy does not know when the captain hiding not far from the lieutenant's outside,just a few generals were all saying he heard!Captain hands tightly holding weapons,and wanted to kill a few spies,but reason tells them. Not so impulsive,it will arouse his suspicions,caused when the army's attention,it could not walk!So they secretly pull back.Lieutenant see them go,enigmatic smile kids moncler jackets cheap,and several generals go back to the main. "Generalissimo!We have completed two tasks either.Whether to perform three tasks at once?"Cher just come back,into the main tent nirvana Lee asked. "Ah,give me a messenger down,the armed forces prepared to attack at midnight Cancun city!"Lee nodded nirvana stand up,take them out of the main points to Cher. After Lee nirvana point forward army of thousands,several people dressed as soldier,go find it convenient excuse; then secretly rode Cancun night falls toward the city kids moncler jackets cheap,toward the enemy to coach reported.Tianyuan imperial army said at noon offensive Cancun city,but just in front of the enemy's spies spy boss,then just nodded,did not say anything. "Last time I'm sorry,just a temporary change in Tianyuan imperial army look,but this is true; I do not know coach ."put black people,doing actions like tigers Road. "Ah,I know what to do,come ah!Put a few people down collar with gold go !!!"enemy authentic coach nodded.