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 'No,I do not kill,do not push me,okay?'Yunyang Empire Princess body still trembling nirvana Lee said.
'Well,I do not force you,but you have to understand that there are good people in this world there are bad guys,the bad guys would kill to stay in the world more good.If you let go of them today,just as there will be many of you girls are the future they caught,maybe a few men take turns at the girl who did it!
If I did not make a timely manner,you are their masters did,and then the four of them are dry,you what?Is not think of suicide?So,to kill them is to save hundreds of thousands of teenage life!'Lee nirvana constantly teaches this gentle and kind watery Empire Yunyang princess said.
If you say this,it should be Lee nirvana fishes,this is the real flower thief,I do not know how many will be ignorant of the world in his hand girl cut in the future.
After hearing the words of Lee nirvana,Princess Sophie is beginning to pick up the hands of the sword gently,looking to live large male incontinence that was scared,but also to see the next three sisters killed three Han killed on the ground.Ie in four have their own eyes,when to the Han dynasty,step by step,and raised high the delay in the hands of the sword to start again refused to put down.
Lee nirvana you know she will do so,usually walking in the street holding a sword to be like it is,when it is really killing his hands trembled incessantly.So Lee nirvana gently up,facing the beauty of this lovely child,wrapped his arms around her waist.Then grabbed her hand is a small hand Wojian forward force stabbed to go,let her hand sword inserted in the kidnapping of her people.
'Ah!'Is screaming.
Gentle and kind-hearted Princess immediately throw away the sword handle,then the body is lying in Lee nirvana and wept,his mouth said:'!I kill people,I kill people.'
'Do not be afraid soft beginning,you kill the bad guys,the bad guys dead low,do not pity them!'Chih-Yu Lee nirvana three of them came around,gently patting Yunyang early Imperial Princess Sophie said.
At this time,a team of military officers ran to Lee nirvana here,they see in front of the white-haired boy,leading to ask Lee nirvana they have no injuries and some concern.They really an idiot,but Lee nirvana gods,how could a mere mortal wound got some for him.
Soon,soldiers from the bodies they find out the palace servant Santo nephew,for the unrecognizable corpses inside the house,I believe it should be the palace of Santo nephew.But I do not know why Lee nirvana they would kill them?
The officers and men of this world really poor inspection capability,all room house broken woman clothes are not guess,the opponent is special and why he dug out his eyes.And his baby,etc.,can be done on this regard,it should be the other phase will hate him before doing so.
Lee nirvana they entered the palace in the city in addition to the dream house and poetry she do that,did not know anyone,did not get into anything.Less likely to be linked with the Palace of Santo nephew what hatred,which must be a reason.
'We go back!'Lee nirvana holding arms beauty child said.
Lee looked nirvana was about to leave when the officers immediately stopped questioning Lee nirvana,ask them why they killed this,also killed should not kill people.
'Humph!'Lee nirvana this cop soldiers coldly humming loudly.
Then Lee nirvana side weakness automatic,strong blast wave was about to put this forward for questioning fallen soldiers go through,and then is heard Lee nirvana that overbearing tone,said:
'Only I never questioned others not qualified to say in my mortal
Lee nirvana seems really self-sealing cents Gods,I wonder what this world will change?Would he was just a flower thief identity play in this world?